Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fashion Week!

Fashion week has already started and Im so excited! yeah i know im pretty late to talk about it but I was a lil bit lazy to go and check it out ya know. I recently visited bcos its the only place where I can find all the collections and whats the latest news of whats happening in the fashion world. That site has always keep me updated, its like E! news for fashion ya know! Love it! So anyways, now its the fall collection and I am loving many of the designs that I saw. Fall has gotta be my favourite season when it comes to fashion, I just love the clothes during the season. Honestly, fall clothes its the clothes that i would wear it all the time! It sucks that malaysia has only one season and that is summer, well there are days when it rains pretty much all the time. Even though I've never experience fall I still think its a beautiful season hehe. Well spring is beautiful cause thats when all the pretty pretty flowers bloooom (: ANYWAYS, haha there are quite a few designers that im loving their collection for fall. Oh but i think personally for spring & summer 2011 was like the BOOM ya know like BOOM BOOM POW! I love like almost all the designs in this world, they were just sooooo pretty. Ggrr if only I can have them all huahua. There was a lot of bright colours thats been used, it was vibrant, playful and thats why i love it. It just makes my day when i see those bright colourful colours on clothes ya know, it looks like popsicles (: Lol now im crapping. I should probably stop talking now.

Picture time (:
Marc by Marc Jacobs F2011 RTW

I cannot speak out any word except BAM! well thats not exactly a word though hmm I would say maybe an expression kind of word? (Does that even make any sense) I am in love, like seriously especially the top 1st gosh and stipes? Damn. Its so oldies, LOVE.

Proenza Schouler F2011 RTW

Its absolutely stunning. Details. Patterns. Colours. Thats what I'd say BAM! hahah I love that 'word'. What I really love about this collection is that the accessories is shoes, that kind of shoes, what do you call it? emm I really dont know pretty blank here. Those shoes that I've been seeing a lot this season from all the runway and frankly obsses with it now. I need that! Its so pretty so simple, yeeeaaaah (:

There's many more designers and brands that im loving for fall collection but I cant put the pictures now maybe next time bcos I gotta finish it up some work that needs to be pass it up by tomorrow :S Sheesssh kebab!

Ohyeah and thank thank thank thank you so much for the comments that I received. Thats like my 1st comments Ive ever gotten. I mean I thought the only person that read my blog is my best friend which Im pretty sure she doesnt even read it and then finding out last few days ago that I got comments from people across the world that has been doing fashion blog loong time ago means so much to me. So again thank you, terima kasih, gracias, merci, kamsahamnida, arigatokozaimas! The only word that I can speak in different language and the other one is I love you and goodbye (Y) hahaha! Ciao!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Wardrobe essentials no. 2

Cropped sweaters is a must in my wardrobe, how can i ever resist it, its so simple and always keeps me warm, so cute, so pretty what else could you ask for more?? Huh I talk a lot where in reality I dont even own one, but it is on its way through my closet though heehee. But in the mean time im eyeing on these fellas down here, one day they'll be mine YEAH!
Cropped sweaters.

For cropped sweaters I would prefer it to be grey or pastel colours or white rather than dark colours, personally i dont think it'll look nice bcos sweaters you want it to look cozy and dark colours dont do that for me. Im planning to get a grey cropped sweater by the end of this month, so wish me luck (; *crossed fingers*


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Topshop Alert!

Now first and for most I am not a big fan of topshop in malaysia. Why? Because the price is ridiculous! I mean I really like all the stuff in topshop its pretty but Im not going to spend rm100+ for a simple shirt, I would rather spend it on food. So yeah me and topshop (in malaysia) aint gonna work out. But here I wanna show some of the items im loving from topshop :-

Their baseball jackets, Im loving it! and I really want to own one of it or both. It seems so old school and classic at same time. 

This fringe vest I want! Love the details on it.
I am in love with this kimono!

Seriously, this season's collection is everything that I need. Especially the shoes, i mean i am obsses with the ones that has chuncky heels on. When it comes to shoes i like it simple, plain yet really stylish ya know what i mean. Ahh i want them all now! Thats all from me, ciao!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wardrobe essentials no. 1

When it comes to style, i would probably say mine consist of a lil bit of classic, vintage-y, casual, dressy? Lol i dunno, im still searching what my style is. I tend to switch things up like today ill just be totally casual and the next day i can go very vintage oldies i would say and then one day i can be very edgy and dressy. But for all i know for sure is that i always end up with the classic casual style. When i wear clothes or shoes i will check if its comfortable or not cause that comes first then the prettiness of it. I wouldnt want to wear something that will give me bruises or irritation or uncomfortable feelings. I used to not care of whats the quality until it really shows that one day. Now when i shop i think carefully whether or not to buy, whether the quality is nice or not, and making sure thats its affordable because comfort comes first then the prettiness then the price.

Since now its a new year and i have finished high school and going to college pretty soon, I really want to clean up my closet and add in new clothes and style because now i get to go to classes wearing anything i want and be stylish unlike when i was in school. Had to wear ugly uniform.

What I need to get is blazers!! I've been wanting that since forever! But couldnt find the perfect one until i went to zara lately and found the perfect navy blazer. THEN i checked out the price and it was RM 459 freaking RM 459 i mean seriously! WHY WHY WHY WHY??!!! does it has to be so damn expensive. Right at that moment i wish i could just grab it and run as fast as i could while ignoring the alarm sound (I hate the sound of it, its soooo annoying it goes like BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP i swear i would take a bazuka and shoot it) How i wish i could just do that but ofcourse i didnt and will never shoplift. So there it goes another dream that has been crashed by the unrealistic price. Urrghh! But in the future when I have some money in my pocket I would like to own these blazers I found on polyvore :-

I die okay DIE i tell you meh! I've drooling over them for the past 30 minutes. JUST by looking at them THROUGH this small laptop I can DIE! I hate this i truly do. Pfft now im being too overdramatic but who cares we're talking about clothes here okay. Pretty ones. Nwys I just love blazers it can turn your outfit from simple to stylish more polished ya know what i mean. I NEED TO HAVE THEM ALL IN MY CLOSET!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lost and depressed from the awful truth.

 Bangles and ring from gish i forgot where i got it.

Imma punch you camera!

In the mean time enjoy this picture of orange juice that was disgusting hahaha.

Song of the day - Panic at the disco, The Ballad of Mona Lisa. Ciao!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A smile of joy arrives in me.

Food. Eat. California Kitchen Pizza. Awesomeness.

I surely did had an awesome day duuhh I get to eat those delicious food! I do not really know what to say anymore. So ciao!

 AHHHHH The Artichoke Dip! The best (Y)

 Wild mushroom your so wiiiiiiiiilllldddd!

Chocolate Brownies Ice Cream Sundae is LOVE

Lets dig in!!!

Imma destroy it and shove it in my mouth :D

The End.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Morning wake up. Day live. Night sleep rest.

Every morning I wake up, I thank god for still giving me a chance to wake up and live. Every night before i sleep I thank god for not taking me away yet and pray to him for waking me up the next day. I pray 5 times a day now and thank him for everything. I used not to pray 5 times a day and now i have accomplish it and hope to stay it on. Every morning I wake up after I pray the first prayer which is subuh I'll take my sudoku book and solve the puzzle. Every night before I go to sleep I'll take my sudoku book and solve another puzzle. In the middle of the day I would do my sudoku. Sudoku is one of the many things that i truly enjoy doing. Why? Because its fun. Interesting. Calming. Sudoku is my hobby, one of my many hobbies.

I got that cute fun looking sudoku from the boders. The minute i saw that book I immediately grab it and told my parents to get me that. I've never seen any sudoku book in my life that fun and cute bcos usually it will be plain and boring. When I got that i was beyond happy (: Thank you ma & bah.


Lets Go!

Today is valentines day. Happy valentines day ya'll. I heard in the news that malaysian muslims were warned because if the JAIZ caught them celebrating it they should watch out. I thought that was good for them to do. But wtv. For me valentines day is just another day. If any of you want to celebrate go ahead and if you do not want then dont. So for valentines day I decided to spend time with food (: Yes, this particular food is a cake. An incredible cake. It taste so good in your mouth, I mean the combination of it is just awesomeness. If you're guessing what cake it is don't be surprised or disgusted by it because it is none other than The Durian Cheese Cake. Yes for some of you it may sound disgusting and I bet you just want to vommit right now but for me I personnally think that the cake came from heaven i mean it is gooood. I myself thought at first that it was the most weirdest thing ever, i mean DURIAN AND CHEESE? Who in the right mind would ever come up with that or even eat it! Unfortunately one of the right mind people is me (: Ever since my momma introduce it to me, i  fell in love with it. It is now one of my top list favourite cake. First would obviously be classic vanilla cake. I do not understand why some people just hate durian and the smell. HELLO it is The King Of Fruits! Okay maybe the smell is very very strong and sometimes it can leave you with migrains (if thats how u spell it) but when you put it your mouth it just melts in ya know. Enough story telling now pictures time.

AHHHH nyummy!

And random food that I ate today-

I hope you guys had a good day. If you guys are celebrating valentines day with your boyfriend or girlfriend or best friends or mother or father or whoever make you sure you bring them to a fancy restaurant or make it yourself oh oh oh better candlelight dinner, aww thats sweet. I would totally want my boyfriend to do that (if i have one) nahh lets just jump to husband, i would totally force my husband to do that later in the future hahahaha. Anyways, do know that dont just make today a very very special day, make everyday a special day for you and your beloved ones (: Well I certainly had a good time.

Ohyeah besides eating that durian cake i watched the grammys! This year is absolutely the year for Lady Antebellum (: BUT Im sooooooooo happy that Arcade Fire won cos hey they're awesome i mean that's what im talking about ya know, some real music. Thank god lady gaga or katy perry OR justin bieber didnt win.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Good day good day..

First of all i would like to say, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Hope ya'll have a wonderful year ahead of you (: Everyone had their time off from work, school, and etc. for 4 days i guess here in malaysia. I certainly do not celebrate chinese new year but we did went out and had a wonderful dinner at The Apartment. I have to say, the last time we went for my birthday lunch last year, the food was horibble but it was a mistake. We ordered the wrong thing. That night we ordered the right thing and lemme tell you, it was deee-licious! I had their lamb shack which was so perfect and their dessert which was heaven, aahhh nyum nyum ahhhh. Why does food taste too good when they're just plain awesome?! &usually the good ones are the ones that will leave you with a bigger size of jeans. Haiihhh. Owell, i still love food and period. I took a few pictures of what we had but I only got the appetite and the desserts.. Their eton mess was suuuuuuuupeeerb!

 THE eton mess (Y)

Sheesh kebab! The pictures looks crappy. Sry im still working with my photography. I mean it does not look that bad does it? At least the food looks awesome! (Y)

The next day, we went to starbucks and i had their carrot mandarin cheese cake, honestly thats the best thing you could get in starbucks cos the rest sucks. I had a few sip of peppermint hot mocha.

Good day! Ciao (:


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Little things to own

May i please get it for my birthday?

Currently loving Penny and the Quarters - You and me<3


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Clothes

This month i'm thinking of upgrading my clothes and accessories. I visited and saw they had their new collection, and i'm in love with it! There were many pop of colours, prints, and textures that screams 'spring and summer is here!' These are the items that i chose for me but i know i probably wont get any of it (I blame the price!) but its okay to just dream of getting it right?


And these are the ones i couldn't find at polyvore,

All from zara.