Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring calls me.


The season spring is here! &by that I was refering to fashion bcos here in Malaysia the weather is always sunny hot &wet, sometimes it can rain the whole week. I absolutely love the loose slouchy cropped top and buttons up, been really into it lately so that means I have reasons to splurge my money on them eventhough im broke! Theres always mama & abah :P Other than that Ive also been loving skirt Im not a skirt girl but those 3 skirts above has made me drooling over them. Im crossing my fingers to search for any of the above and put it in my closet. My closet seriously need a major makeover with splash of colours!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I like to get inspired its just inspiring (:
For now I'm very much inspired by anything that sparkles or has glitters, sequins on it. It makes me happy (:

Bcos shes awesome making everything seems so effortless and beautiful.

Hey those are inspirations too well at least to me (: Omg I can taste them in my mouth like right now I swear!

Photos via wehearit

Thats it from me. Ive been MIA for quite a while jus cause I didnt had any ideas what to post and my life has been ruining me Ive been left with an uninteresting life :( Im hoping it to come to live next week as ill be starting college! Yayy me! Graduation is coming this weekend thats exciting too hehe. Ciao!


Sunday, March 6, 2011


Found it on polyvore. I love what they have; their clothes, shoes, accessories. Here are some items that I personally love and I WANT THEM NOW!

lets grab teas instead of coffee shall we


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bye Feby Hye Marchie (:

It's march now, that was fast. February has no memorable days except the fact that I was all at home drinking green tea and drifting away with internet. I curse you internet, computer; now I have bad sight :( Im left with 30 days to prepare myself for college. Back in december, I was very much enthusiastic for going in college and still is but maybe lesser as the 5 months off has given me less energy to do anything; waking up, exercise, taking the stairs, and even showering (euww but I did put an effort to shower) I did bought a few things during february that I will frequently use and now I'm broke, great. I also applied for several jobs but haven't get any respond yet, I guess they're not hiring me. Pfft. I need money. There's quite a few things, specifically to clothes that I've been observing. Unfortunately the price is 100 and above. Sad.

 Been wanting this for years and got it last week! Bought it at cotton on. I must say that it was a lil pricey but it was worth it bcos this cutie is so comfortable.

 It cost me RM 4-7 how awesome is that. 

Im loving this issue! Katy Perry look stunning.

I hope ya'll have a lovely march (: