Monday, December 31, 2012

Let's end 2012 with red and black!

I haven't post an editorial post in a while and the reason being was because there wasn't any editorials that I liked until recently when W magazine issued Marion Cotillard as their cover for December 2012 issue. I mean what a better and fabulous way to end the year of 2012 with a few spread of amazingly outrageous editorials right? I fell in love with the spread right away, it was just amazing! She looked amazing as always, the set was wicked, all the clothes were beautiful and I love the fact that the colors been used are red and black that's just perfection for me. Oh I just love high-fashion and Marion Cotillard (: She is such an amazing and beautiful women and also a talented actress. I really do admire her. Ahh I want to get my hands on this issue! What do you guys think of the spread?
Marion Cotillard for W Magazine December 2012 | Photographs by Tim Walker | Styled by Jacob K
Photos via wmagazine

I would like to wish all of you a very happy NEW YEAR! I hope 2013 will be another wonderful year for all of us <3 So what are your plans for the new years eve? 

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jazzing things up.

I'm pretty sure most of us own a pair of black blazer or maybe tons of it in different colors but if you don't you better go and get it now! It'll change your life (at least in terms of dressing up) trust me (; I personally think that blazer is a staple item of clothing that we all need to have whether you're a girl or a boy. What I like about blazer is that you can wear it down or dress it up but whatever ways you choose it definitely will make an outfit look much more put together like you put an effort to it but you really didn't do much. I'm definitely the kind of girl who lives in her jeans and simple top but sometimes it can look a little bit too plain and boring so adding up a blazer can instantly make the outfit look much more interesting than just the jeans and top. Below are some pictures I found that I really like and I hope it'll give you some outfit inspirations. 
Photos via tumblr
I would like to say thank you to all my followers I can't believe I have 23 now even though it's little it still means a lot to me! Thank you again for following me <3
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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


How cute is this dog? >.<

Hello there lovelies! It has been weeks since my last post and I would like to apologize for not updating my blog since then. To be honest, the past few weeks were intense! I had finals and final project to finish up so I couldn't find time to update my blog. Finally, I'm having my term break and even though it's only for a week for me that's more than enough to get my rest, catching up on movies (Christmas movies!) and also updating my blog (: Anyways, since it is the holiday month and yesterday was Christmas I would like to wish a late Merry Christmas to all who celebrate and hope you guys had a lovely Christmas with your loved ones and let this holiday month be full of joy and happiness. I would love to know how your Christmas went and what you've received <3 Take care!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Black and Gold.

(Please excuse the horrible cement lol I couldn't find anywhere else to shoot and also my ugly scarred feet)

It was the last day of class for the year of 2012 before finals next week so I thought why not dressed up a bit. I bought this amazing shoes from a local brand a few weeks ago and haven't got the time to wear it out yet and when I put it on I felt much more amazing to be honest I think it gave me some sort of confident lifter (if that's even the word to put) lol. I've been looking for this kind of shoes for as long as I can remember I can't really recall who was the girl I saw wearing it. Although the price was a bit pricey I couldn't resist it plus I haven't shop for ages (literally for months!). As for clothes I wore a black tube and a maxi skirt that is see through which has some sort of tribal prints I suppose (love this skirt!) I got both of them from flea market and on top of that I put on my amazing military look alike jacket which I got from Gap. I didn't go all out for accessories because I thought the outfit was already out there so I went with this gold necklace from H&M. 
Hope you liked it (: and have a lovely day everyone <3 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Harder than I thought.

It has been about two weeks since I've posted about being healthy and getting fit. Those two weeks was a struggle for me to be honest. It was harder than I thought it would be. In my mind, it was going to be easy peasy just get up in the morning and start doing some exercise (Im not really an evening kind of person) but NO! I dunno why is it about that getting up in the morning and exercise is so hard but getting up and turning on my laptop and also getting breakfast was so much easier. Maybe it's all in the mind yeah? But I wasn't going to give up that fast I knew I had to put a LOT of dedication to this because I needed to change! So first of all I needed to find a workout that was easy for me to follow. I don't go to gym because most of them requires a membership and I don't have one that is near by so I just do it at home. So I found this one routine that looked like it will help me to kick start my workout routine. I've already started it but then I got distracted by assignment so kind of stopped which was bad because if I want to be able to let exercising be my everyday life activity I have to be able to juggle them both. So I'm going to start it all over again from day 1 and hopefully I won't slack. Also just to add up, I do go for a jog once or twice a week.
As for my food intake, I have already cut down some junk and sweet. For breakfast I go for greek yogurt (which is my favorite!) and add on banana, granola, and honey. Lunch and dinner are still a bit of a struggle for me to keep up on because I'm not quite sure what kind of healthy options to go for besides salad lol still searching for some healthy recipes that I like. If you have any suggestions or good recipes I should try, do leave a comment below (: For drinks ONLY water is allowed hehe and green tea in the morning and normal tea at night teehee >.<

Here are some pictures I like to keep me motivate (:
Photos via Tumblr
Hope you enjoyed it!