Black and Gold.

(Please excuse the horrible cement lol I couldn't find anywhere else to shoot and also my ugly scarred feet)

It was the last day of class for the year of 2012 before finals next week so I thought why not dressed up a bit. I bought this amazing shoes from a local brand a few weeks ago and haven't got the time to wear it out yet and when I put it on I felt much more amazing to be honest I think it gave me some sort of confident lifter (if that's even the word to put) lol. I've been looking for this kind of shoes for as long as I can remember I can't really recall who was the girl I saw wearing it. Although the price was a bit pricey I couldn't resist it plus I haven't shop for ages (literally for months!). As for clothes I wore a black tube and a maxi skirt that is see through which has some sort of tribal prints I suppose (love this skirt!) I got both of them from flea market and on top of that I put on my amazing military look alike jacket which I got from Gap. I didn't go all out for accessories because I thought the outfit was already out there so I went with this gold necklace from H&M. 
Hope you liked it (: and have a lovely day everyone <3 


  1. This is such a great look !!!

    Love your skirt and hidden heels ;)

    Have a warm weekend !



  2. The shirt in combination with the golden jewellery and your shoes looks amazing! Love the look and your sense for fashion! Amazing outfit :)

    Find me on bloglovin: :)

  3. You look gorgeous. Really simple, yet elegant!



  4. Love the accessories!

    xo, natashasolae

  5. Love your outfit! The shoes are amazing ♥ Great blog dear!

    I would appreciate it , if you visit my blog too! :)
    xx ♥

  6. Love the pumps, great purchase! You look so pretty in this outfit:)


  7. Loveee your outfit! :)

  8. Sexi shoes! Loving the heel detail.

  9. Wow! You are stunning! I am in love with your style, it is so effortless and unique and I can really relate to it too. I love the khaki colours in this outfit :) I've been scrolling through some of your older posts and wow you have one incredible wardrobe! Definitely following you now, I really can't wait to read your new posts! Happy new year!

    Love from, Miss Iffa


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