Friday, November 30, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

This past week has been a hectic one. I've been so caught up with my last assignment for this semester that I couldn't find time to put up a new post. Since today is Saturday I'm definitely going to take some rest and catching up on my blog. Moving on with the post, I have been seeing this 'trend' of wearing sneakers with a well dressed outfit a lot recently and to be honest I'm actually thinking of getting some new kicks (; (gotz to save 'em money now) It sort of gives that effortless look and it definitely keeps your feet comfortable at all time (which is always a plus). Here are some pictures I found around tumblr that I personally like how they pair up those kicks:
Photo via jakandjil
We can't forget about the boys right? (;
And lastly, celebrities like Rihanna & Rita Ora (my two favorite ladies) who have been spotting with sneakers everywhere.
Photos via tumblr
Hope you enjoyed it!
Also, I have been getting a lot of respond upon my being healthy post and I want to thank all of you who did (: It definitely kept me motivate to know that some of you were going through the same thing and wanting to start doing something about it. Since it got many respond Im going to post up a new post about it next week and show you guys some exercises for beginners. Hope you are all doing well and still keeping up with being healthy and exercising <3

Ps: Please ignore the date of this post. I don't know why it state there Friday November 30th whereas I'm doing the post today which is Saturday December 1st. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

Start of something new.

This is going to be a different post like literally out of my comfort zone. So here it goooees.
Today, all day long from the moment I wake up I literally did nothing productive just laying on bed watching youtube videos and eat and eat and again eat. It was such an awful day that I got so dizzy when I got up for dinner. Then, I realized it has been like this for weeks except for the days I have classes (which is only on Wednesday and Thursday) and during the weekends (hey I do get out and take some fresh air) To be quite honest, I've been feeling awful. I don't have that much energy and I'm always feeling lazy which leads to procrastination and I've been eating A LOT, like seriously a lot. Can I blame on the food that I've consumed which was mostly junk? Nahh that won't be fair for the food right. Maybe half food and half myself for keep on staying on bed and watch youtube and reading up blogs ooo and also tumblr (do follow me on tumblr) Then it would be fair >.< Obviously I am not going to let this go on any longer because it is such a disgusting (not sure if that's the right word to use) habit. I used to eat healthy and work out and then I remember I had a new term and I had classes everyday so I'd get back home around 6pm feeling exhausted and hungry so I turned to food. It all started from there with my 'food addiction'. I did not though gain any weight just 1 or 2 kgs and sometimes it will drop 1 or 2 kgs by itself (weird) But that's not the point here I'm not trying to lose weight I like where I am now, I'm just trying to get back to eating healthy and have the energy for the day without feeling blurrghh (if you know what i mean). Also working out to be fit and get toned. So I've decided to really do this fo' real! Starting from tomorrow (Had to because it's already night time now) I'm going to wake up and start the day off with some simple exercises like maybe a 10 mins workout, gotz to start slowly right? For my meals, I should slowly eliminate the junks and unnecessary sugar and salt. I hope this works! I'm going to try my best to post my progress every week but I'm not going to promise anything because this is kind of out of my comfort zone but we'll see. Teehee >.< Aaannd of course I'm not going to end this post without any inspiring pictures (;

Pictures via Get Fit
Hope this doesn't bores you out or anything, I just needed to get this out and motivate myself.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Back to the future.

I've never been a fan of futuristic look but this did caught my eyes. Surprisingly, I am actually digging this spread. I like the way it is all been styled out. The hair was really straight forward, being pinned straight bob cut with defined bangs and the make-up was kept simple, barely there with a touch of metallic eye shadow in the inner corner to make it look future-esque. I like how there are not much accessories used because the clothes already have a lot of going on that it can stand alone but of course with the help of some shoes (especially those thigh-high bronze shoes with buckles all over.) to compliment the outfits. We also cannot forget the props (I find the robots really cute!) that's been used because those are the things that can help you bring out the story of your theme. After this editorial, I have a different perspective of future-esque look and that it can actually work with the right pairing of clothes and accessories.
Harper's Bazaar US March 2007
| Model: Magdalena Frackowiak | Photographer: Peter Lindbergh | Stylist: Brana Wolf |
Photo via tumblr.
Hope you liked this (:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

When I saw this spread I immediately fell in love with it. I wanted to be in it, looking all glamorous and sophisticated living the life in Paris. Who wouldn't want that? Everything about this seems perfect, she looks perfect with all the makeup, hair, accessories, and clothes.

Harper’s Bazaar China October 2012
| Model: Miao Bin Si | Photographer: Yin Chao | Stylist: Fan Xiaomu |
Photo via tumblr

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Clean View.

Today I spend half of the day looking upon some inspirations for my room, it's that time again to clean it up and make it look brand new (; So I found few pictures and thought I'd share it. I find white is such a comfort color to have at home because it brightens up the room and gives a clean look. Hope ya'll had a good day (: