Bye Feby Hye Marchie (:

It's march now, that was fast. February has no memorable days except the fact that I was all at home drinking green tea and drifting away with internet. I curse you internet, computer; now I have bad sight :( Im left with 30 days to prepare myself for college. Back in december, I was very much enthusiastic for going in college and still is but maybe lesser as the 5 months off has given me less energy to do anything; waking up, exercise, taking the stairs, and even showering (euww but I did put an effort to shower) I did bought a few things during february that I will frequently use and now I'm broke, great. I also applied for several jobs but haven't get any respond yet, I guess they're not hiring me. Pfft. I need money. There's quite a few things, specifically to clothes that I've been observing. Unfortunately the price is 100 and above. Sad.

 Been wanting this for years and got it last week! Bought it at cotton on. I must say that it was a lil pricey but it was worth it bcos this cutie is so comfortable.

 It cost me RM 4-7 how awesome is that. 

Im loving this issue! Katy Perry look stunning.

I hope ya'll have a lovely march (:



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