Wardrobe essentials no. 1

When it comes to style, i would probably say mine consist of a lil bit of classic, vintage-y, casual, dressy? Lol i dunno, im still searching what my style is. I tend to switch things up like today ill just be totally casual and the next day i can go very vintage oldies i would say and then one day i can be very edgy and dressy. But for all i know for sure is that i always end up with the classic casual style. When i wear clothes or shoes i will check if its comfortable or not cause that comes first then the prettiness of it. I wouldnt want to wear something that will give me bruises or irritation or uncomfortable feelings. I used to not care of whats the quality until it really shows that one day. Now when i shop i think carefully whether or not to buy, whether the quality is nice or not, and making sure thats its affordable because comfort comes first then the prettiness then the price.

Since now its a new year and i have finished high school and going to college pretty soon, I really want to clean up my closet and add in new clothes and style because now i get to go to classes wearing anything i want and be stylish unlike when i was in school. Had to wear ugly uniform.

What I need to get is blazers!! I've been wanting that since forever! But couldnt find the perfect one until i went to zara lately and found the perfect navy blazer. THEN i checked out the price and it was RM 459 freaking RM 459 i mean seriously! WHY WHY WHY WHY??!!! does it has to be so damn expensive. Right at that moment i wish i could just grab it and run as fast as i could while ignoring the alarm sound (I hate the sound of it, its soooo annoying it goes like BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP i swear i would take a bazuka and shoot it) How i wish i could just do that but ofcourse i didnt and will never shoplift. So there it goes another dream that has been crashed by the unrealistic price. Urrghh! But in the future when I have some money in my pocket I would like to own these blazers I found on polyvore :-

I die okay DIE i tell you meh! I've drooling over them for the past 30 minutes. JUST by looking at them THROUGH this small laptop I can DIE! I hate this i truly do. Pfft now im being too overdramatic but who cares we're talking about clothes here okay. Pretty ones. Nwys I just love blazers it can turn your outfit from simple to stylish more polished ya know what i mean. I NEED TO HAVE THEM ALL IN MY CLOSET!!


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