Lets Go!

Today is valentines day. Happy valentines day ya'll. I heard in the news that malaysian muslims were warned because if the JAIZ caught them celebrating it they should watch out. I thought that was good for them to do. But wtv. For me valentines day is just another day. If any of you want to celebrate go ahead and if you do not want then dont. So for valentines day I decided to spend time with food (: Yes, this particular food is a cake. An incredible cake. It taste so good in your mouth, I mean the combination of it is just awesomeness. If you're guessing what cake it is don't be surprised or disgusted by it because it is none other than The Durian Cheese Cake. Yes for some of you it may sound disgusting and I bet you just want to vommit right now but for me I personnally think that the cake came from heaven i mean it is gooood. I myself thought at first that it was the most weirdest thing ever, i mean DURIAN AND CHEESE? Who in the right mind would ever come up with that or even eat it! Unfortunately one of the right mind people is me (: Ever since my momma introduce it to me, i  fell in love with it. It is now one of my top list favourite cake. First would obviously be classic vanilla cake. I do not understand why some people just hate durian and the smell. HELLO it is The King Of Fruits! Okay maybe the smell is very very strong and sometimes it can leave you with migrains (if thats how u spell it) but when you put it your mouth it just melts in ya know. Enough story telling now pictures time.

AHHHH nyummy!

And random food that I ate today-

I hope you guys had a good day. If you guys are celebrating valentines day with your boyfriend or girlfriend or best friends or mother or father or whoever make you sure you bring them to a fancy restaurant or make it yourself oh oh oh better candlelight dinner, aww thats sweet. I would totally want my boyfriend to do that (if i have one) nahh lets just jump to husband, i would totally force my husband to do that later in the future hahahaha. Anyways, do know that dont just make today a very very special day, make everyday a special day for you and your beloved ones (: Well I certainly had a good time.

Ohyeah besides eating that durian cake i watched the grammys! This year is absolutely the year for Lady Antebellum (: BUT Im sooooooooo happy that Arcade Fire won cos hey they're awesome i mean that's what im talking about ya know, some real music. Thank god lady gaga or katy perry OR justin bieber didnt win.



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