Morning wake up. Day live. Night sleep rest.

Every morning I wake up, I thank god for still giving me a chance to wake up and live. Every night before i sleep I thank god for not taking me away yet and pray to him for waking me up the next day. I pray 5 times a day now and thank him for everything. I used not to pray 5 times a day and now i have accomplish it and hope to stay it on. Every morning I wake up after I pray the first prayer which is subuh I'll take my sudoku book and solve the puzzle. Every night before I go to sleep I'll take my sudoku book and solve another puzzle. In the middle of the day I would do my sudoku. Sudoku is one of the many things that i truly enjoy doing. Why? Because its fun. Interesting. Calming. Sudoku is my hobby, one of my many hobbies.

I got that cute fun looking sudoku from the boders. The minute i saw that book I immediately grab it and told my parents to get me that. I've never seen any sudoku book in my life that fun and cute bcos usually it will be plain and boring. When I got that i was beyond happy (: Thank you ma & bah.



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