Fashion Week!

Fashion week has already started and Im so excited! yeah i know im pretty late to talk about it but I was a lil bit lazy to go and check it out ya know. I recently visited bcos its the only place where I can find all the collections and whats the latest news of whats happening in the fashion world. That site has always keep me updated, its like E! news for fashion ya know! Love it! So anyways, now its the fall collection and I am loving many of the designs that I saw. Fall has gotta be my favourite season when it comes to fashion, I just love the clothes during the season. Honestly, fall clothes its the clothes that i would wear it all the time! It sucks that malaysia has only one season and that is summer, well there are days when it rains pretty much all the time. Even though I've never experience fall I still think its a beautiful season hehe. Well spring is beautiful cause thats when all the pretty pretty flowers bloooom (: ANYWAYS, haha there are quite a few designers that im loving their collection for fall. Oh but i think personally for spring & summer 2011 was like the BOOM ya know like BOOM BOOM POW! I love like almost all the designs in this world, they were just sooooo pretty. Ggrr if only I can have them all huahua. There was a lot of bright colours thats been used, it was vibrant, playful and thats why i love it. It just makes my day when i see those bright colourful colours on clothes ya know, it looks like popsicles (: Lol now im crapping. I should probably stop talking now.

Picture time (:
Marc by Marc Jacobs F2011 RTW

I cannot speak out any word except BAM! well thats not exactly a word though hmm I would say maybe an expression kind of word? (Does that even make any sense) I am in love, like seriously especially the top 1st gosh and stipes? Damn. Its so oldies, LOVE.

Proenza Schouler F2011 RTW

Its absolutely stunning. Details. Patterns. Colours. Thats what I'd say BAM! hahah I love that 'word'. What I really love about this collection is that the accessories is shoes, that kind of shoes, what do you call it? emm I really dont know pretty blank here. Those shoes that I've been seeing a lot this season from all the runway and frankly obsses with it now. I need that! Its so pretty so simple, yeeeaaaah (:

There's many more designers and brands that im loving for fall collection but I cant put the pictures now maybe next time bcos I gotta finish it up some work that needs to be pass it up by tomorrow :S Sheesssh kebab!

Ohyeah and thank thank thank thank you so much for the comments that I received. Thats like my 1st comments Ive ever gotten. I mean I thought the only person that read my blog is my best friend which Im pretty sure she doesnt even read it and then finding out last few days ago that I got comments from people across the world that has been doing fashion blog loong time ago means so much to me. So again thank you, terima kasih, gracias, merci, kamsahamnida, arigatokozaimas! The only word that I can speak in different language and the other one is I love you and goodbye (Y) hahaha! Ciao!



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