Topshop Alert!

Now first and for most I am not a big fan of topshop in malaysia. Why? Because the price is ridiculous! I mean I really like all the stuff in topshop its pretty but Im not going to spend rm100+ for a simple shirt, I would rather spend it on food. So yeah me and topshop (in malaysia) aint gonna work out. But here I wanna show some of the items im loving from topshop :-

Their baseball jackets, Im loving it! and I really want to own one of it or both. It seems so old school and classic at same time. 

This fringe vest I want! Love the details on it.
I am in love with this kimono!

Seriously, this season's collection is everything that I need. Especially the shoes, i mean i am obsses with the ones that has chuncky heels on. When it comes to shoes i like it simple, plain yet really stylish ya know what i mean. Ahh i want them all now! Thats all from me, ciao!



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