Good day good day..

First of all i would like to say, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! Hope ya'll have a wonderful year ahead of you (: Everyone had their time off from work, school, and etc. for 4 days i guess here in malaysia. I certainly do not celebrate chinese new year but we did went out and had a wonderful dinner at The Apartment. I have to say, the last time we went for my birthday lunch last year, the food was horibble but it was a mistake. We ordered the wrong thing. That night we ordered the right thing and lemme tell you, it was deee-licious! I had their lamb shack which was so perfect and their dessert which was heaven, aahhh nyum nyum ahhhh. Why does food taste too good when they're just plain awesome?! &usually the good ones are the ones that will leave you with a bigger size of jeans. Haiihhh. Owell, i still love food and period. I took a few pictures of what we had but I only got the appetite and the desserts.. Their eton mess was suuuuuuuupeeerb!

 THE eton mess (Y)

Sheesh kebab! The pictures looks crappy. Sry im still working with my photography. I mean it does not look that bad does it? At least the food looks awesome! (Y)

The next day, we went to starbucks and i had their carrot mandarin cheese cake, honestly thats the best thing you could get in starbucks cos the rest sucks. I had a few sip of peppermint hot mocha.

Good day! Ciao (:



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