Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Leaving 2014.

It's New Years Eve aaahhh! I can't believe we have only a few hours left till we bid farewell to 2014. I wish you a very happy new year and may 2015 rock our life <3

Whether or not you'll be spending your new years eve out and about or at home, you would want to start the new year with a BANG! Here I have for you some inspiration to get you excited to dress up for the new year:



Friday, December 5, 2014

Mood: Weekend

Photo via charlie may

Bring on the weekend baby!
Have a wonderful one xx


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The fashion couple.

Ever since Kim started dating Kanye, her sense of fashion just went waaaayyy up there and I'm obsessed! She.. wait scratch that, both her and Kanye have nailed almost every outfit they put on whether it was going to a fashion show, fashion event or even just to the cinemas they're always traveling in style. Oh how I'm glad they've found each other <3

Always sporting the latest designer duds, check out some of my fav picks:
 His concert get-up tho, uhmazing!
 You know what they say, the pair that dress together stays together.
Talk about a fashion family affair! Even Nori has some serious style going on.
All photos via Google image

Hope you like this!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

What went down!

I'm a few days late for posting this but what the heck not. So basically what really went down is that I went for the Alexander Wang x HM on the 6th Nov. which was the official date for the launch. I started queuing up the day before as soon as my friend told me people has started queuing that morning. Got there around 10pm and the line was already long. After i had took my place in the line, there was a few people behind me and as the time went by more people came to lined up.
Not much to tell but just waiting waiting waiting and waiting. A lot of waiting and starving.Thankfully, h&m team was so kind they got us all some snacks and they put it in a cute paper bag that had h&m stamp on it, real cute >.< 
Some of us slept through the night some of us didn't. I tried so hard to sleep but I just couldn't it was not comfortable at all. I just had my iphone to entertain meself all the way. By the time it was 7am, everyone had already gotten up. We were all be given a wristband and schedule to know which slot we were in. Every batch had 30 people, thank god i was the 2nd batch to go in. Exactly at 8, one of the manager made an announcement and talk us through the rules and regulations. 
When the 1st batch went in, lemme tell ya it was EPIC. They did a countdown and then rushed in like maaaaddd. I can hear all the chaos that was going on. I was just in line praying that they ain't gon' take so much and especially the ones that I wanted. Every batch had 15 mins to get everything done including fitting. When it was my batch turns, we all had to gather up right in front of the display where they out all the stuff at. We were all just so bummed out and pissed that only a few items were left. Of course, the good stuff were all gone. The 1st batch literally wiped it all off. So mad right now.The moment they said GO, I ran like a mad woman haha (not just me the tho everyone haha) grabbing everything that caught my eyes and just keep on hunting. It was a complete chaos. Thank god I found the top that was actually on my list. Sadly, the bag pack I wanted - gone, in fact all bags were gone (see what i mean when i said the 1st batch wiped it off) Once I got all the stuff I wanted to try on, went straight to the changing room and ended up going with the top. Paid and out of h&m. 
All photos were taken by me
Overall, the experience was definitely one that I will remember I mean who can say that they had sleepover in a mall huh? I did (raise that hand) haha. Although I didn't get the bag, I did bring home a new beautiful top AND my sister all the way in the uk got to grab a bag for me (YAYYZER), it ain't the want that I want but still right haha HAPPY ME :D So yeah, that's it from me today (:

Did you guys went crazy and queued up too? If you did, I would love to know what went down (;

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

The collaboration of the year!

As you might have probably heard (which I'm sure you have), H&M did yet another collaboration with a fashion designer who is very known for making lounge wear and sportswear tres chic. I'm sure you've figured it out cos who else does it right if it's not Alexander Wang. This man has done it again especially with this collab. I mean I ain't even a sports kind of person but I'm digging all the look so bad. A good mixture of urban street wear and sportswear. I have a strong feeling that the sports trend are in for the long run.

Because I can't pick between the runway pictures or the lookbook pictures I decided to put both (:

Now, here are the selected pieces that caught my eyes and some of them probably would be a new addition to my ever growing collection of clothes teehee.
Photos via h&m and style
Maaaan, I can't wait to get my hands on these bad boys. It'd be the closest thing I'd ever get to own an Alexander Wang and I ain't gon let that slip away. Plus, I love the fact that its all black and gray tones! The only colors I wear. It's like this collection was made for me haha :P

What are your thoughts on this collab? Are you as excited as I am or is it too sporty for your taste? Write it up on the comment section below, I would love to hear it. 

Hope you like this!