The collaboration of the year!

As you might have probably heard (which I'm sure you have), H&M did yet another collaboration with a fashion designer who is very known for making lounge wear and sportswear tres chic. I'm sure you've figured it out cos who else does it right if it's not Alexander Wang. This man has done it again especially with this collab. I mean I ain't even a sports kind of person but I'm digging all the look so bad. A good mixture of urban street wear and sportswear. I have a strong feeling that the sports trend are in for the long run.

Because I can't pick between the runway pictures or the lookbook pictures I decided to put both (:

Now, here are the selected pieces that caught my eyes and some of them probably would be a new addition to my ever growing collection of clothes teehee.
Photos via h&m and style
Maaaan, I can't wait to get my hands on these bad boys. It'd be the closest thing I'd ever get to own an Alexander Wang and I ain't gon let that slip away. Plus, I love the fact that its all black and gray tones! The only colors I wear. It's like this collection was made for me haha :P

What are your thoughts on this collab? Are you as excited as I am or is it too sporty for your taste? Write it up on the comment section below, I would love to hear it. 

Hope you like this!


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