Blue jeans.

Today's look was inspired by one of Lana Del Rey's song Blue Jeans (of course haha). I was listening to it whilst getting ready and with the usual dilemma I have not decide nor a clue of what to wear for the day. So when the song blue jeans came on, it starts off with 'Blue jeans, white shirt..' my immediate reaction was to look for a pair of blue jeans and white shirt! And that was the outcome of today's outfit. Sometimes, when you ain't got nothing to wear play some music and maybe the lyrics will help you figure something out just like it did to me.

Top - Marks & Spencer // Boyfriend Jeans - Gap // Shoes - Zara // Bag - Local Store // Ring - H&M // Scarf - Local Store

Thank to my lil brother for taking the pictures (:

Have a nice day!


  1. Love your outfit! Especially the shoes and the jeans.

    All my love, Anouk


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