A cup of tea.

Summer has officially begun for countries with 4 season but for malaysia it has been summer for the longest time well sometimes there's rainy day, oh wait nope not sometimes almost once a week (: Im currently having my term break for only 1 freaking week, come on i need at least a month after all those heavy work that i had to do & 4 sleepless nights that i had to go through. Im not quite sure what to fill in my schedule for this break, although i have planned to get my nails done, go for a retail therapy (shopping duhh), catchin up with some friends, catchin up on all the movies & show i missed, & more retail therapy but we'll see how that goes. In the mean time, I had a lovely afternoon tea today by myself..

No cupcakes for me but 2 corn & a toblerone;

Today's summer playlist:
Coldplay - Moving to Mars



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