The Wedding (:

Yes the title says The Wedding, it is certainly not my wedding (too young) but it is indeed Prince William & Kate Middleton's wedding!!! Correction: Wedding of the Year or maybe the History? (: I will admit it that I watched the whole event from the beginning till the end where the newlyweds and the family stand on the balcony & kissed. The wedding seems almost perfect. I was in awe when Kate came out of the car anxiously waiting to see what she'll be wearing, &the minute she stepped out I was like OMG!! She looked stunning! & the dress was just perfect on her (it was design by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen) Love the veil & how soft it looks with the dress, also the way she wears her hair down is the right decision (im not really into the bun look) Prince William on the other half look handsome, charming, &unfortunately he was balding :( but he still look handsome (: oooooo Prince Harry is single well thats what I heard :D hahaha. There were also some celebrities invited, david & victoria beckham, Elton john & david furnish were the celebs that I saw not quite sure if there were others but let me tell you david you are one fine man &victoria look posh as always, she is also pregnant (congrats to her). Talking about guest i love that hats were the theme for the girls, there were many gorgeous different kind of hats. Ahhh kate is one lucky woman! She gets to marry a prince (: What a dream no every girl's dream come true. 

Now lets go to the pictures;
What a beautiful lady (:
Stunning & Simple dress
The bridesmaid's dress <3

 Beautiful newlyweds (:

Hope they'll have a wonderful marriage & a long lasting love (:

Hehe Harry is cute (:

Pictures via weheartit

Im not usually this enthusiastic to put pictures of royal wedding/any wedding but i just dont know what else to do, im bored right now so why not. Havent been posting for a loong time. Ciao!



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