Flared pants.

Flared pants has make their comeback and IM LOOVINGG IT! I've always love the look of it, it has such a classy and feminin look which i truly adore. Like i can totally wear it everyday without suffering like i always did when wearing skinnies and tights cause well it rlly is my fault anyways for always buying a smaller size than my original so i guess thats why ive been suffering. Well frankly im not really a fan of them too they make my legs look like a godzilla's leg that will lead too so many insecurities that i have in me and ill end up not eating for a week. LOL thats a total LIE i dont think i can live without eating just for an hour. Anyways back to the 70's coming back in these modern days i dont think i would buy one cos the ones that i want are highly branded and i do not have any money to purchase it so i will be stealing one from my mom's closet as her pants are all flared pants yes they are all flared pants indeed but they are nice and pretty so i will try to match it up with my clothes. Hope it'll turns out good so that i can wear it to the public (: These are few flared pants that these pretty girls have managed to worked-

GOSH i LOVE how these ladies put it all together. Its beautiful (:



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