Dress made by food.

I was browsing through http://www.shine.yahoo.com/ for some beauty tips. While i was scrolling down i came across a topic that said edible dresses, so i just had to click it and i saw those dresses that was made by real food! REAL FOOD that we eat regularly! I was like oh no, not another food dress like the meat dress that lady gaga wore. That was just too much, i mean i nearly throw out, it was just disgusting. But this i dunno why, for the first time in my life, this time i had to agreed that it actually look beautiful and if i werent in my right mind i would actually wear those dresses because its to pretty to not wear it IF i wasnt in my right mind.
These are the creations from a South Korean artist Sung Yeonju. I would actually give her a thumbs up for the dresses (Y)

Eggplant (This i would wear it i dont care if it is made of eggplant, too beautiful to be left alone)
 Bubble gum (i <3 this)
 Bread (What the? but pretty)
 Banana (Im confused -_- still i love how creative she is)
 Lotus Root (Cute!)
 Fried Egg (I know euww but this is one of my fav)
 Shrimp Corset (Yeah i woudnt even want to touch it)
 Winter Mushroom fringe top
 Spring Onion (Look at that, although its onion but its such a damn cute dress)
 White Radish (I dunno what to say but beautiful, fav)
 Red Cabbage (I love this, so pretty, so cute)

So what do you guys think?
If only it wasnt made by food, i would totally get one of it and wear it bcos its just so pretty! i love all the design!



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